Improve Your Listings with Brand Registry on Amazon

When we talk about improving the quality of your products’ reception online, we need to first think about Amazon.

Amazon is the largest online retailer, and more than half of all internet product searches start on Amazon’s sites.

Many brand owners are surprised to find that their products appear on Amazon without any permission or involvement from them.

In other words, Amazon – or third-party sellers – have crafted product listings by themselves, with no reference to the brand owners’ marketing strategies and sales targets.

Amazon Brand Registry is a way for your brand to formally connect with Amazon, for the purposes of shaping your products’ online presentation, and improving your customers’ perceptions.

To gain access to this service, you will need to open an Amazon Seller’s Account, even if your company has no interest in selling products directly through Amazon.

It’s very easy.

Amazon will then ask you to document your company’s brand ownership of current listings, and provide product information (including dimensions, high-quality photos and product description on your company website). This takes some effort.

The benefit is that Amazon can grant you great authority in improving presentation of your product on Amazon.

Brand registry won’t allow you to control pricing or block sellers you dislike from listing your items, but it will help you build your product – and brand – reputation, and will help you compete online with a higher quality, more attractive listing.

Gaining better control of your brand on Amazon is a process, and Brand Registry can be a useful step.

Another is Amazon Brand Gating, which we’ll cover in a different post.

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