October 6, 2016


1. What is NBP DIRECT?

NBP DIRECT is an online reseller/retailer, but our relationship with brand owners goes much deeper.

We add value to the brands we represent.

NBP DIRECT partners with brand owners to enhance online sales of products by analyzing existing sales channels and listings.

We recommend specific ways for brands to protect pricing, reduce unauthorized third party selling, and improve consumer awareness and interest.

We offer these services to brand owners without charge, to nurture longterm growth of the brands and products we carry.

NBP DIRECT buys products directly from brand owners, and places them in the most dynamic online sales channels. NBP DIRECT is not a wholesaler.

2. How do you choose the brands and products you represent?

Other online retailers sell a huge variety of products with little care for the brands they handle.

We cultivate a select group of brands and products with huge growth potential, which can benefit from our focus and attention.

These products may be very different from each other, but have a few things in common:

They are products of superior quality and performance, which have the potential to grow a much larger share of the marketplace.

3. Does NBP DIRECT  charge for its services?

We do not charge brand owners for the advice and guidance we give.

Instead, we seek to partner with brand owners, help them improve their presence in online sales channels, and buy their products directly from them to resell online.

4. Where is NBP DIRECT based?

We are based in Los Angeles, CA and sell primarily in the USA.

5. How long has NBP DIRECT been in business?

Since 2009, NBP DIRECT has been selling a variety of digital and physical products online, helping innovate and refine new channels in online retail and business-to-business offerings.

6. What is the NBP DIRECT Store?

While we place the majority of the products and brands we represent in other online sales channels, NBP DIRECT is also able to sell directly through its own online store.